14 Beautiful church roof photographs

Some people say that if you are on a group trip to Europe, then the church is going to be of interest, in addition to a higher level of faith, the churches itself feature great art and design. Today the collection share: 14 magnificent church roof photographs, I hope you enjoy them!

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Church of the Holy Name, Mumbai, IndiaVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World2__880

St. Mary’s Ratcliffe, Bristol, EnglandVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World26__880

Cathedral of Christ our King, Johannesburg, South AfricaVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World4__880

Church of Transfiguration, Krakow, PolandVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World1__880

Church Nazionale Argentina, Rome, ItalyVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World__880

Iglesia De La Merceo, Havana, Cubavertical-world-churches-cathedrals-richard-silver-14

Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik, IcelandVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World3__880

Parrocchia S Cuore Di Geso Trieste, ItalyVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World7__880

Holy Trinity, Yangon, MyanmarVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World13__880

St. Ignacio, Shanghai, ChinaVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World22__880

St. Augustiner, Vienna, AustriaVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World23__880

Grace Church, New York, USAVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World24__880

Santa Maria Porta, Milan, ItalyVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World25__880

Cathedral San Francisco, La Paz, BoliviaVertical-Churches-from-around-the-World27__880

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