What happens when an interior designer become its own client!?

Interior designer, Benedetta Amadi, one of 170 American designers Homepolish, has become its own client by designing his apartment in San Francisco.

The project included a complete rearrangement, renovation of the main bathroom, floors and new decoration. The result is a bright home with subtle nuances, modern furnishings and integration of treasures collected worldwide. White is used to bring a lot of light and keep the airy space. Plants, warm woods and a lot of textures have been incorporated to create a warm atmosphere throughout the apartment.homepolish homepolish-2 homepolish-3 homepolish-4 homepolish-5 homepolish-6 homepolish-7 homepolish-8 homepolish-9 homepolish-10 homepolish-11 homepolish-12 homepolish-13 homepolish-14 homepolish-15 homepolish-16 homepolish-17 homepolish-18 homepolish-19 homepolish-20

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