Battle from Lord of the Rings is Recreated with 150,000 Pieces of Lego

The trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most popular films released to date. The Battle of Helm’s Deep, shown in the second film, was one of the most memorable battles in the series. The duo Big & Rich K Jr., perfectly recreated the scene using 150 000 original pieces of lego. It took four months to complete the whole scene. The duo won praises when their work got to see the light of days and was greeted with awe by many “The Lords of the Rings” fans. abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego- abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-2 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-3-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-4-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-5-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-6-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-7-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-8-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-10-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-11-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-12-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-13-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-14-630x356 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-15-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-16-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-17-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-18-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-20-630x419 abismo-de-helm-senhor-dos-aneis-em-lego-22-630x490

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