Candy-colored signage minimalist photography

Here is another selection of minimalistic photographs made by the very talented Matt Krump. Faithful to his visual identity, the photographer focused on graphical and colorful signages. Overhang by an acid-colored sky, signs look like giant gourmet candies. signage-1-900x900 signage-2-900x900 signage-5 signage-6-900x900 signage-7-900x900 signage-8-900x900 signage-9-900x900 signage-10-900x900 signage-11-900x900 signage-12-900x900 signage-13-900x900 signage-14-900x900 signage-15-900x900 signage-16-900x900 signage-17-900x900 signage-18-900x900 signage-19-900x900

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