Amazing Tree-Inspired Single Pole Home

Danish architecture firm Konrad W√≥jcik is the author of an architectural project, called Primeval Symbiosis, which re-thinks the sustainable and eco-friendly houses, outside the city, in the heart of the forest. Inspired by the tree-house concept, these suspended homes, thought to host two people, are topped by solar panels which generate energy and a heat […]

Awesome Hanging Walkway Design By Polish Architects

Zalewski Architecture is a Polish architectural firm that wants to make workspaces more alluring and friendly. They created an awesome hammock path that connects the two business areas, allowing workers to enjoy a stroll through the green grass in the middle of the working day. The walkway is a narrow (80 cm wide) and winding, […]

Stunning Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens can be a part of the house, part of the parks or historic sites. Most often found within Buddhist temples. In Japanese culture, the garden is high art, associated with the art of calligraphy and painting. Japanese gardens were first developed under the influence of recognizable Chinese gardens. In typical Japanese gardens house […]

11 Coolest Hotels In The World

As long we travel in a mainly or exotic location, you might as well think about your hotel. Thinking-worthy destination as well. Each of these unusual hotels around the world is making every effort to ensure guests a unique and unforgettable experience. There are many different ways to make the hotel unique. For some of […]

Unbelievable floating luxury home

With the help of perspective and elegant modern architecture, the architects have created a floating luxury home rental on the coast of southern Australia. The illusion can be seen only from one perspective, looking at the entrance to the house. From another angle, it becomes clear that the building was constructed on a pole that […]

17 Amazing tree houses from all over the world

When we were little, most of us have dreamed to have a tree house. As a refuge – a secret place where we could establish a secret club house away from our parents. Some people are still working. People some countries do not see a tree as exotic, but as everyday life. In New Guinea, […]