Artist made big galley of pearls

This artist, like many artists like to his creations tell stories and use discarded materials. Collects the old pearl necklaces, all bought them, wherever they encountered them. From these perls he made a big galley. The artist was inspired to make the galley after watching a documentary about a factory in China which produces various […]

Hand-Blown Glass Creatures Of Anilmas Come To Life

Artist Scott Bisson was impressed with blown glass. His passion is clearly shown through his creation of blown glass. Most of his creations are aquatic creatures and amphibians. Their natural shape perfectly matches the quality of blown glass. Bisson fell in love with a glass thing in high school, in the honor of chemistry. He […]

Monster Boxes Suitcases

If you are tired of seeing the same suitcase there is a solution. Fine Line Workshop in Pennsylvania real amazing travel bags. Skin Snapp ‘Monster Boxes “. People will stare at you, but no one is going to mess with you if you are spotted walking through the airport with one of these bad boy […]

Swedish Artist Makes Striking Sculptures of Steel Bolts

Swedish artist and blacksmith Tobbe Malm currently lives and works in Norway. In achieving named Bolt Poetry. Malm given a new role old steel bolts which is found in an old barn in Bergsladen in Sweden. Tobbe Malm explains: “I found the bolts in a barn. They lay there for a long time and they […]

Sculptures Made From Salvaged Materials

Jeffrey Uitto creates amazing works of art and furniture. Using only salvaged materials such as driftvood, roots and natural wood. Ever since high school Uitto only uses wood for their creative endeavors. Since he opened his own workshop “Knock on Wood” in Tokeland, Washington, where he works on custom orders, commissions, and personal projects. Each […]

This artist make pictures hamerring nails

David Foster is incredibly creative artist who specialized in converting mundane into something spectacular. He works with pointillism. Pointillism is an ancient method of painting. It is a process “in which small distinct points of pure color applied in patterns for forming an image.” David, who is the creative genius that he is, decided to […]