Artist Create Impossible Towers of Balanced Rocks

Balancing rocks, Marshmallous, Jenga pieces, or whatever gets complicated as soon as you get some height goes-but not if you ask Michael Grab, an artist with the skills of a true magician. He’s towers of rocks that balance look like a illusions, but certainly are not. Without any tricks and illusions rocks that balances the […]

17 Creative Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is part of the winter holidays, unless trade is back and happy memories. You can buy natural Christmas tree, and you can buy a fake, which will last for several years. In any case, buying a fir tree is far from cheap. For each one there that wants to add a little […]

Amazing Jewelry Made By Lithuanian Artist

Lithuanian artist “Nestle” crates unique jewelry (lead, bracelets, earrings, hairclips). All jewelry is hand-made from parts of the hand and pocket watches. He used parts of watches such as gears, cogs, arrows, wheels, bridges, springs etc. They are mounted on a stand of old brass or bronze and sealed with a transparent resin that looks […]

Elspeth McLean Create Colorful Mandalas From Ocean Stones

Elspeth McLean with the help of her talent transforms smooth ocean stones into works of art. The artist creates colorful stones carefully mandala painting thousands of small dots on the ocean perfectly round stones. Her creations are colorful mandala hypnotic to look, his eyes filling with color, inspiration and joy. It aligns the gum drop […]

They Make Amazing Sculptures of Snow

Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz three brothers living in Nev Brighton, Minnesota, a city in the US where there is snow in abundance. The creative trio used the snow in your favor. They make amazing sculptures of snow. This year, the boys built a 12-meter sea turtle with all the details that goes beyond what […]

Incredeble Animal Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal

Hasan Novruz, a talented sculptor from Iran, made a collection of sculptures of animals. Although made of car parts, scrap iron and other metal parts, his sculptures are full of emotion and life . In addition to his most famous epic statue of Pegasus, he is also the author of many astonishing sculptures. His welded […]