She has made something from used tea bags that will amaze you

Amazing creations Red Hong Ji from unexpected materials are becoming more and more popular. This time she decided to celebrate the tradition of making Malaysia a portrait street vendor just tea from tea bags that on sale.The Malaysian artist created an installation called “Teh Tarik Man” out of 20,000 tea bags for the World Economic […]

Astonishing mirror drawings made by Istvan Orosz

Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz draw and create drawings that at first glance do not make sense, and act as if something is missing or has not been finalized. However, when you place a cylindrical mirror at the appropriate place you can see an amazing mirror drawings. Images that at first glance seem like gibberish to […]

Coffee Table Supported by Falling Dominos

Designer Christopher Duffy, produces a very creative piece of furniture that we delight illusions. This creation is called Megalith Table. Consists of glass that stands on the dominoes that will be of collapse. Although these dominoes, representing table legs, will not crash, a sense of illusion that this can happen at any moment. Definitely adds […]

Hyperrealistic Paintings of Packages

Offering a visual rendering is breathtaking, special mention for this impressive series of hyper-realistic packaging painted in oil go to Swedish artist Yrjo Edelmann. This amazing works of art that at first glance look like they are real package will take your breath away. Yrjo Edelmann has been called the great illusionist in Swedish contemporary art. Just few […]