Graphic Design

Amazing Ink illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Graphic designer and illustrator based in Thessaloniki Greece, Meni Chatzipanagiotou working on a wide variety of media, paper cutting, watercolor, ink drawings …¬†We focus today to his illustrations during this year 2015. A mix of fantastic scenes and natural landscapes, architecture, human and animal forms. Each work is of great finesse and packed with details. […]

10 Creative artistic animal tattoos

Tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita creates stunning artistic and geometrical tattoos representing animals. Made from thin lines and geometric shapes judiciously drawn in order to paint animals silhouettes. Beautiful little artworks that ornament the skin of tattoos fans.

Iskn presents its digital intelligent “Slate”

We discovered a few days ago a product that will revolutionize the physical world just like the digital world and create interesting and fun interactions between these two worlds. Start up the Grenoble iskn was founded in 2014 by a multidisciplinary team. It aims to create products that facilitate and enrich the bonds between us […]

Incredeble Drawings In The Sand

“Drawings” may not be the right word to describe these works. He is not sitting, or standing as other painters. He not only uses his hand to draw. Instead, Amador uses his arms, legs and stick to scrape the upper part of the sand and revealing darker, wet sand, which is below. This gives drawings […]

Incredible Carvings on Top of Pens

If you have a pen that is nearly spent, you can turn it into what he’s done this artist. With the steady hands and an eye for detail, artist Salavat Fida craves a miniature sculptures on the tips of the pen. Topics of his work ranging far and wide. Star Wars, Darth Vader and Yoda, […]

Creative Snow Typography by Faust

Wink for this new type of ephemeral graffiti design by the New York artist Faust : typography in the snow. On the wings of the cars parked in the street, the graffiti artist has thus need any other artifice his finger to write messages in beautiful calligraphy!¬†Unfortunately this kind of art is fleeting, because as […]