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16 Space-Themed Interior Design Ideas

Unfortunately, most of us will not go into space and see it from that perspective. But there is plenty of interior decor that will help you feel like a real astronaut. This space furniture will allow you toexplore distant planets, galaxies from your room. To see the universe exactly as seen by astronauts. 1.Galaxy Blind […]

Stunning Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens can be a part of the house, part of the parks or historic sites. Most often found within Buddhist temples. In Japanese culture, the garden is high art, associated with the art of calligraphy and painting. Japanese gardens were first developed under the influence of recognizable Chinese gardens. In typical Japanese gardens house […]

Unbelievable floating luxury home

With the help of perspective and elegant modern architecture, the architects have created a floating luxury home rental on the coast of southern Australia. The illusion can be seen only from one perspective, looking at the entrance to the house. From another angle, it becomes clear that the building was constructed on a pole that […]

17 Amazing tree houses from all over the world

When we were little, most of us have dreamed to have a tree house. As a refuge – a secret place where we could establish a secret club house away from our parents. Some people are still working. People some countries do not see a tree as exotic, but as everyday life. In New Guinea, […]

Ikebana inspired by hunting trophies

All they need are two glass-blowing tubes mounted on wooden base, branches, flowers, bamboo and whatever you want … Designer Fabio Milito made of these things an ikebana that looks like hunting trophies, only instead of animals, there are trophies made from plants.

First luxury world hotel designed by Georgio Armani

Welcome to Burj Khalifa. Elegant interiors of this luxury hotel are designed personally by Giorgio Armani and they are, as they say “a reflection of his personal approach to elegance and unique style. High above Downtown Dubai Armani Hotel Dubai is the world’s first hotel designed by Giorgio Armani. Pure elegance, simplicity and sophisticated comfort […]