Home design

Coffee Table Supported by Falling Dominos

Designer Christopher Duffy, produces a very creative piece of furniture that we delight illusions. This creation is called Megalith Table. Consists of glass that stands on the dominoes that will be of collapse. Although these dominoes, representing table legs, will not crash, a sense of illusion that this can happen at any moment. Definitely adds […]

The Wall Plug Lamp – Creativity and Elegance

Design studio Feltmark has made a surprising Wall Plug Lamp- Wald. It’s a light that we can build ourselves and plug it on a socket. It is placed straight, like in levitation, and can be carried anywhere. This lighting exists of course in different sizes. What makes this lamp different from others is its simplicity, but […]

24 awesome bookshelves for your room!

Even those who prefer to read books with electronic devices, sometimes “give up” and buy a real paper books. Also there is one joke that tells: You can never kill a fly with an e-book. Paper books are much better to read and sometimes they can decorate your room. New guest that come to your […]

House of Trace by Tsuruta Architects

This project in London requested by Tsuruta Architects to demolish the original extension and replace it to better link it to some of the main building. The intention of the architects was to keep a sense of memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to have its own identity. The original extension was no distinct […]

13 miniature bedside tables and shelves that are ideal for small rooms!

We often don’t go to bed just to sleep. In many cases we take some book to read before falling a sleep, or take cell phone to chat with our friends just a few minutes more. Bedside tables or shelves are often not suitable for tiny bedrooms, and owners of small apartments have to think […]