Cosmos magnetic wooden toys

Huzi Design imagined magnetic wooden toys that take shape of real of fictitious spacecrafts. The magnetic characteristic enables a limitless imagination of inventing new objects. A collection that will make children and adults happy. The project is currently collecting funds on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Playful Tea Infusers

To get ready for winter, Israeli design studios OTOTO & Soho Designcollaborated to design two very nice tea infusers shaped like a yellow submarine (Tea-Sub) and a blue umbrella (Umbrella Tea Infuser). The tea leaves must be put inside the umbrella‚Äôs fabric and inside the submarine and then drowned into very warm water to be […]

Artist made big galley of pearls

This artist, like many artists like to his creations tell stories and use discarded materials. Collects the old pearl necklaces, all bought them, wherever they encountered them. From these perls he made a big galley. The artist was inspired to make the galley after watching a documentary about a factory in China which produces various […]

10 Flying Versions of Modern Cars

In the ongoing series titled Flying Cars, artist and designer Sylvain Viau photograph the cars, and then proccesed them in Photoshop to make it look like they are floating and flying cars. The idea of flying cars has long been a matter of thinking of science fiction. Now we can see how it would look […]

Artist Create Impossible Towers of Balanced Rocks

Balancing rocks, Marshmallous, Jenga pieces, or whatever gets complicated as soon as you get some height goes-but not if you ask Michael Grab, an artist with the skills of a true magician. He’s towers of rocks that balance look like a illusions, but certainly are not. Without any tricks and illusions rocks that balances the […]

Amazing Jewelry Made By Lithuanian Artist

Lithuanian artist “Nestle” crates unique jewelry (lead, bracelets, earrings, hairclips). All jewelry is hand-made from parts of the hand and pocket watches. He used parts of watches such as gears, cogs, arrows, wheels, bridges, springs etc. They are mounted on a stand of old brass or bronze and sealed with a transparent resin that looks […]