Elspeth McLean Create Colorful Mandalas From Ocean Stones

Elspeth McLean with the help of her talent transforms smooth ocean stones into works of art. The artist creates colorful stones carefully mandala painting thousands of small dots on the ocean perfectly round stones. Her creations are colorful mandala hypnotic to look, his eyes filling with color, inspiration and joy. It aligns the gum drop […]

Flyte by Morris Simon

Here’s a concept that could make noise. The designer Simon Morris has developed a levitating lamp named Flyte. Indeed, one can notice that a light bulb without flat screw rotates above a rectangular wooden base. No magic, levitation is magnetically and the bulb is powered wirelessly by induction. There is no need battery, the light […]

Incredeble Animal Sculptures Made of Scrap Metal

Hasan Novruz, a talented sculptor from Iran, made a collection of sculptures of animals. Although made of car parts, scrap iron and other metal parts, his sculptures are full of emotion and life . In addition to his most famous epic statue of Pegasus, he is also the author of many astonishing sculptures. His welded […]

24 Incredible Ice Cubes

In order to make ice cubes one needs water, a mold and low temperature. Not all ice cubes are made alike though and these people have gone a step further with their ice cube creations. People working on a project called 3D on the Rocks used CNC (computer numerical control) and a milling maching to […]

Stunning Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens can be a part of the house, part of the parks or historic sites. Most often found within Buddhist temples. In Japanese culture, the garden is high art, associated with the art of calligraphy and painting. Japanese gardens were first developed under the influence of recognizable Chinese gardens. In typical Japanese gardens house […]

This artist knits objects of glass

Glass has a melting point of about 1500 ° F (815 ° C), as well as possible so as to control it and knit in the form of chain links and nodes, which are located around igle. Answer lies in the technique invented by Milne in 2006, which includes aspects of knitting lost wax casting, […]