Cool hummingbird bike by Petre Craciun

Imagine a bike you could raise a finger with a frame five times stronger than steel, which weighs less than 7 kg which is small enough to be taken in transport without difficulty. This bike has just seen the day under the name of Hummingbird (Hummingbird) and was designed by designer Petre Craciun. It is […]

10 Flying Versions of Modern Cars

In the ongoing series titled Flying Cars, artist and designer Sylvain Viau photograph the cars, and then proccesed them in Photoshop to make it look like they are floating and flying cars. The idea of flying cars has long been a matter of thinking of science fiction. Now we can see how it would look […]

Amazing Macro-Photography of Snowflakes

The structure of snowflakes is so unique and enchanting. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the flakes are formed spontaneously, only influenced by the laws of physics. Perfectly symmetrical forms, magical sound of crackling and their shiny white color, makes the most beautiful snowflakes winter decoration. Snowflakes are fleeting beauty. They last are very short. […]

This Young Photographer Capture Magnificent Landscapes

With only 21 years, Elizabeth Gadd, although young photographer but a real amazing photos that are breathtaking. Self-taught photographer seeking adventure in remote locations, where the beautiful pictures of incredible photos. Long before he became a photographer, Gadd was a explorer. As a self-proclaimed ” animal nerd” Gadd was originally started to photograph receipts of […]

13 Brilliantly Timed Ocean Wave Pictures

There is no lack of incredible natural beauty of our planet. We will show you 13 brilliantly timed Ocean Wave Pictures. Most of them are painted in Hawaii. From that looks perfect tube of foam waves to the beach.  

Amazing Photographs of Fireworks Exploding

Photographer Calder Wilson, who specializes in capturing fireworks exploding, made these photos. After you set up the fireworks on the lake shore and lit the fuse, he took the camera and started taking pictures when fireworks explode. He got amazing photos.