Flyte by Morris Simon

Here’s a concept that could make noise. The designer Simon Morris has developed a levitating lamp named Flyte. Indeed, one can notice that a light bulb without flat screw rotates above a rectangular wooden base.

No magic, levitation is magnetically and the bulb is powered wirelessly by induction. There is no need battery, the light bulb is a low power consumption LED. You engage FLYTE by simply touching the surface of the base, levitate, light can be switched on and off, with touch sensor. The base is made in Sweden from oak, ash or walnut sustainable. An interesting feature is that the base as a charging station office wireless for your smartphone.

This project was in development for 5 years, he has just made ​​its appearance on Kickstarter , Simon Morris requires $ 80,000 to finalize Flyte, if you want to give it a little push, it is through here .flyte-1-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-2-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-3-tt-width-620-height-429-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-4-tt-width-620-height-357-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-5-tt-width-620-height-412-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-6-tt-width-620-height-413-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-7-tt-width-620-height-426-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-8-tt-width-620-height-437-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-9-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1

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