House of Trace by Tsuruta Architects

This project in London requested by Tsuruta Architects to demolish the original extension and replace it to better link it to some of the main building.

The intention of the architects was to keep a sense of memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to have its own identity. The original extension was no distinct historical or architectural value and was structurally flawed, but she had a typical roof profile of those found in the neighborhood. They chose to incorporate this element in the new face of housing.

The structures of new funds were exposed to the inside as brick, so these surfaces will be part of future stories of the house. The plaster finish is exposed naked in children’s rooms. The slow patina of copper and brass fittings custom show the passage of time. Wood, yellow brick, white walls and numerous bay windows offer a bright interior and a warm atmosphere.

Photo Credits: Tsuruta Architects |

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