Awesome 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost made of plexiglas

1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost car is not usually the vehicle. While all cars made of metal, Pontiac decided to try something new with this car. The company decided that instead of metal material use an innovation at the time, called plexiglass. Whole body shell is made of Plexiglas. Due to the transparent plexiglass, all […]

Coffee Table Supported by Falling Dominos

Designer Christopher Duffy, produces a very creative piece of furniture that we delight illusions. This creation is called Megalith Table. Consists of glass that stands on the dominoes that will be of collapse. Although these dominoes, representing table legs, will not crash, a sense of illusion that this can happen at any moment. Definitely adds […]

Astonishing figures of the human body made of wire

Richard Stainthorpe is the author of these strange sculptures made of steel wire. These wires are perfect imitation of muscles and human body in motion. Facebook Comments

Container house by Patrick Bradley Architects

Patrick Bradley Architects is an architecture studio based in the UK and Ireland, specializing in the renovation and contemporary construction. This container house are made with four cargo containers is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. On two levels, this home plays with geometric and rectilinear lines of containers within it. The top module […]

UV House by OASI Architects

OASI Architects is an Italian architecture studio founded in 2009 by Pietro Francesco Ferrario and Enea Castellanza. The “UV House” is the rehabilitation of an industrial building into a house for a young couple. The house is built on two levels with the creation of the raw concrete slab that appears to float in space. Brick […]

Hyperrealistic Paintings of Packages

Offering a visual rendering is breathtaking, special mention for this impressive series of hyper-realistic packaging painted in oil go to Swedish artist Yrjo Edelmann. This amazing works of art that at first glance look like they are real package will take your breath away. Yrjo Edelmann has been called the great illusionist in Swedish contemporary art. Just few […]