Honest Posters of Our Relationship with Technology

Designer Ajit Johnson, living in England, has imagined a series of posters called “#This_Generation”. With honesty, the posters show anecdotes linked to our daily relationship with technology and social networks. The entire series is to discover in the gallery. Photo Credits: Facebook| Instagram| h/t: Fubiz| Facebook Comments

13 miniature bedside tables and shelves that are ideal for small rooms!

We often don’t go to bed just to sleep. In many cases we take some book to read before falling a sleep, or take cell phone to chat with our friends just a few minutes more. Bedside tables or shelves are often not suitable for tiny bedrooms, and owners of small apartments have to think […]

365 Self-Portrait Project by Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou is Franco-American, he currently lives in Berlin. Mickael is primarily a dancer, he said that before he become dancer on the streets of Paris, passers and tourists are constantly taking photos. When he saw their pictures, he said that it could be interesting. Then he bought a camera and read the user manual, […]