Savioz house in giète-délé, Switzerland by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

With winter approaching I wanted to present this rehabilitation of the architectural studio Architects Fabrizzi Savioz Switzerland (see other achievements). This Mayen (Small construction located in the Valais pastures) built in 1882 was used as housing during the grazing period. In 1980, the addition of a stage and the transformation of the roof have greatly changed […]

Projector concept turning flat surface into digital workspace

Industrial design student from Seattle, Jolee Nebert developed a concept of portable projector turning any flat surface into digital interactive workspace. Smart and easy, this cylindric device named “Peek” displays your regular tools and softwares on your table on which you can work with directly. More détails. Facebook Comments

Apartment KG by Kababie Arquitectos

The architects of the studio Kababie Arquitectos in Mexico left a simple and neutral palette of white, gray, black and brown to complete the construction of this apartment baptized KG. The decor and spectacular design can please or displease, but will leave no one indifferent. I personally have a slight preference for the bar that […]

Magnificently geometric twin houses

It is on the edge of a pine forest north of New York architects of WOJR studio established these villas binoculars polygonal structure. In winter, the black exterior of these houses contrast with the surroundings foggy and snowy. Inside, clear and uncluttered marries surrounding nature and has large windows offering a breathtaking panorama. Facebook Comments

Amazing Ink illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Graphic designer and illustrator based in Thessaloniki Greece, Meni Chatzipanagiotou working on a wide variety of media, paper cutting, watercolor, ink drawings … We focus today to his illustrations during this year 2015. A mix of fantastic scenes and natural landscapes, architecture, human and animal forms. Each work is of great finesse and packed with details. […]

The curved wooden bookshelf by Aurelien Veyrat

Aurélien Veyrat, young French designer and cabinetmaker gone through the school of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne and Paris ENSAD, founder of the studio Subject Optimized we present Shelf L, which is simple, adaptable and sustainable. Shelf L is a single module bentwood stacking to form your own storage space, the lower cabinet to the broad […]