Cool energy free luminous bulbs

Baptized “Luminous Bulb” favorite for this excellent idea incandescent bulbs casts made using silicone mixed with phosphorescent pigments. More details in images in the gallery: Credits photos & copyright Hobby:Design

15 Photos of very cool chess bench

 Designed by Atelier Astúa, favorite for the excellent Congo Squares, a playful piece of furniture that meets a bench, a chessboard and the pieces of a chess game without necessitated external storage drawer or a simple mechanism located under the bench showing parts of the seat. Once the part, the parts can be classified in various […]

Cool hummingbird bike by Petre Craciun

Imagine a bike you could raise a finger with a frame five times stronger than steel, which weighs less than 7 kg which is small enough to be taken in transport without difficulty. This bike has just seen the day under the name of Hummingbird (Hummingbird) and was designed by designer Petre Craciun. It is […]