Wood studio house by Dom Arquitectura

The Spanish architecture studio Dom Arquitectura has signed an achievement in environmental Sant Cugat del Vallès. The orientation and position of the house / workshop were studied in order to take maximum advantage of available resources of the site and weather conditions, to reduce its impact on the environment, energy consumption and improve indoor comfort. The house […]

Magnificently geometric twin houses

It is on the edge of a pine forest north of New York architects of WOJR studio established these villas binoculars polygonal structure. In winter, the black exterior of these houses contrast with the surroundings foggy and snowy. Inside, clear and uncluttered marries surrounding nature and has large windows offering a breathtaking panorama.

Unbelievable floating luxury home

With the help of perspective and elegant modern architecture, the architects have created a floating luxury home rental on the coast of southern Australia. The illusion can be seen only from one perspective, looking at the entrance to the house. From another angle, it becomes clear that the building was constructed on a pole that […]

17 Amazing tree houses from all over the world

When we were little, most of us have dreamed to have a tree house. As a refuge – a secret place where we could establish a secret club house away from our parents. Some people are still working. People some countries do not see a tree as exotic, but as everyday life. In New Guinea, […]