Magnificently geometric twin houses

It is on the edge of a pine forest north of New York architects of WOJR studio established these villas binoculars polygonal structure. In winter, the black exterior of these houses contrast with the surroundings foggy and snowy. Inside, clear and uncluttered marries surrounding nature and has large windows offering a breathtaking panorama.

Amazing Conarte Library in Mexico by Anagrama

Anagrama, architecture firm based in Mexico, we present the project Conarte Library, rethink the library of the city of Monterrey. “Conarte¬† is the council for Culture and Art in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Conarte AIMS to Promote and Stimulate artistic term and supports the preservation and enrichment of culture. “ Changing the perception of […]

16 Space-Themed Interior Design Ideas

Unfortunately, most of us will not go into space and see it from that perspective. But there is plenty of interior decor that will help you feel like a real astronaut. This space furniture will allow you toexplore distant planets, galaxies from your room. To see the universe exactly as seen by astronauts. 1.Galaxy Blind […]