Beautiful desert which are covered by flowers

In arid mountains of the Badlands (Utah, USA), the spring season sometimes reveals a flower bed in the desert, purple and yellow accents come and contrast the gray sand. An incredible phenomenon and a poetic landscape that was captured by the lens of photographer Guy Tal.

Amazing Ink illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Graphic designer and illustrator based in Thessaloniki Greece, Meni Chatzipanagiotou working on a wide variety of media, paper cutting, watercolor, ink drawings … We focus today to his illustrations during this year 2015. A mix of fantastic scenes and natural landscapes, architecture, human and animal forms. Each work is of great finesse and packed with details. […]

10 Amazing surreal black and white landscapes

A feeling of tranquility and fullness with this superb series of black and white photographs dope by photographer Derek Toye based in Ontario. “29 year old, self educated, amateur photographer from Ontario, who first started taking photos over a year ago. Favorites include anything such as trees, mist …” – says Derek for themselves. 

This Young Photographer Capture Magnificent Landscapes

With only 21 years, Elizabeth Gadd, although young photographer but a real amazing photos that are breathtaking. Self-taught photographer seeking adventure in remote locations, where the beautiful pictures of incredible photos. Long before he became a photographer, Gadd was a explorer. As a self-proclaimed ” animal nerd” Gadd was originally started to photograph receipts of […]