8 Animated portraits by Romain Laurent

French photographer Romain Laurent,  is behind new animated portraits making subtly moving one or two elements of the pictures. Every animated photograph offers a poetic moment to the viewer who will see a human shadow moving, dancer foot working or an umbrella turning in a hand.

This Young Photographer Capture Magnificent Landscapes

With only 21 years, Elizabeth Gadd, although young photographer but a real amazing photos that are breathtaking. Self-taught photographer seeking adventure in remote locations, where the beautiful pictures of incredible photos. Long before he became a photographer, Gadd was a explorer. As a self-proclaimed ” animal nerd” Gadd was originally started to photograph receipts of […]

She has made something from used tea bags that will amaze you

Amazing creations Red Hong Ji from unexpected materials are becoming more and more popular. This time she decided to celebrate the tradition of making Malaysia a portrait street vendor just tea from tea bags that on sale.The Malaysian artist created an installation called “Teh Tarik Man” out of 20,000 tea bags for the World Economic […]

365 Self-Portrait Project by Mickael Jou

Mickael Jou is Franco-American, he currently lives in Berlin. Mickael is primarily a dancer, he said that before he become dancer on the streets of Paris, passers and tourists are constantly taking photos. When he saw their pictures, he said that it could be interesting. Then he bought a camera and read the user manual, […]