The daily life of a Stormtrooper by Darryll Jones

Darryll Jones is an artist and British photographer, for some time he enjoys staging the daily life of a Stormtrooper named Eric. Darryll integrates this toy in awkward situations and offset from the vision we have Stormtroopers in the film.

In the same vein as the work of  Jorge Pérez Higuera and Pawel Kadysz, the intimate life of Star Wars hero seems to inspire artists and photographers! A few weeks before the release of the latest installment, these works are a perfect chord with fans around the world.darryll-jones-01 darryll-jones-02 darryll-jones-03 darryll-jones-04 darryll-jones-05 darryll-jones-06 darryll-jones-07 darryll-jones-08 darryll-jones-09 darryll-jones-10 darryll-jones-11 darryll-jones-12 darryll-jones-13

Images © Darryll Jones

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