Awesome 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost made of plexiglass

1939 pontiac deluxe six ghost - ghost car

1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost car is not a usual vehicle. While all cars are made of metal, Pontiac decided to try something new with this car.

The company decided that instead of metal material use an innovation at the time, called plexiglass. The whole body shell is made of Plexiglas.

Due to the transparent plexiglass, all of the internal parts can be seen. Therefore, this car is named “Ghost“.

The car cost $ 25,000 to build, which was a huge sum of money compared to the price of a new Pontiac at the time – $ 700. In 2011, the car was sold at auction for $ 308,000. Take a look at 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six Ghost, it is wonderful!

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