Amazing Conarte Library in Mexico by Anagrama

Anagrama, architecture firm based in Mexico presents the project Conarte Library, rethinking the library of the city of Monterrey.

“Conarte  is the council for Culture and Art in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Conarte AIMS to Promote and Stimulate artistic term and supports the preservation and enrichment of culture.

Changing the perception of the book, stimulating creativity and cultural enrichment, here are the basic concepts of this project.

An architectural space placing the reader in the center of the room, these broad shelves attracting us by their prospect lines to serve and to spend a moment on these comfortable steps. A dome knowledge available in a single gesture, bright, airy …Conarte Library roof and lighting Conarte-Library-bibliothèque-design-Monterrey-Anagrama-mexique-blog-espritdesign-2 conarte library bookshelfs and steps Conarte-Library-bibliothèque-design-Monterrey-Anagrama-mexique-blog-espritdesign-4 conarte library seats and books on shelfs Conarte-Library-bibliothèque-design-Monterrey-Anagrama-mexique-blog-espritdesign-6 conarte library view of the seats and bookshelfs Conarte-Library-bibliothèque-design-Monterrey-Anagrama-mexique-blog-espritdesign-8 conarte library bookshelfs and lighting


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