Amazing Macro-Photography of Snowflakes

The structure of snowflakes is remarkably unique and enchanting. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the flakes are formed spontaneously, only influenced by the laws of physics. Perfectly symmetrical forms, magical sound of crackling and their shiny white color, makes the most beautiful snowflake winter decoration.

Snowflakes are a fleeting beauty. They last very shortly. However, even the most short-lasting ones are spectacular. Their moment of glory lasts only for 15 seconds. With the help of photographs, photographer Alexei Kljatov is able to capture these fleeting moments of grandeur and turn them into sustainability. He is equipped with a chair, dark fabrics and some makeshift camera speed of a wooden board, duct tape, and two macro lenses inverted on top of each other. Alexei goes on the balcony of his apartment in Moscow and captures the current magic.








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