Awesome Hanging Walkway Design By Polish Architects

Zalewski Architecture is a Polish architectural firm that wants to make workspaces more alluring and friendly. They created an awesome hammock path that connects the two business areas, allowing workers to enjoy a stroll through the green grass in the middle of the working day. The walkway is a narrow (80 cm wide) and winding, forming a thin but important circular platform that looks cool from above and below. Hang crossing is suspended across the yard at high altitude. A strange design has two purposes. This is a cool and unique and prevents sunlight from reaching the courtyard below. One of the biggest problems of the building was a dark and gloomy yard that is located on the first floor. Workers on the 3rd floor are tired of watching from the window of this building and see the sad little garden below. The design of this route has certainly changed, adding a touch of magic to this earthly one building. Instead of a boring walking corridor with ferrous carpets and the smell of stale coffee, workers in the building to neighboring offices taking a walk outside through this terrible suspended paths. This is especially great because the sun and fresh air are more important than you remember a day to day basis. The transition is safely supported on all sides for stability as people enjoy walking over it. The suspended walkway kind of looks like a fun slide when you look at it from the floor below, but when you reach the top you see that the grass walkway is to help workers escape the monotony of the working day. Reflections surface used on the lower side of the building is designed to blur the line on the track when people on the ground see it. The designers behind this innovative walkway say the main goal was to provide a space where office workers could escape, clear their minds and enjoy some fresh air.

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