Brand design – A Few Things You Should Know

Starbucks and their visual identity

The main goal of brand designing is to create the identity of the brand. Just like the identity of a person, each brand has to have its recognizable identity. Brand identity consists of many elements and together they make an image of a certain company in the public’s eyes. It is directly linked to merchandise and/or services of the company and it determines the expectations and relations of the buyers towards it. 


The importance of brand design


Brand design starts when a company has a clear vision of its value, personality, its place on the market and a voice of its own. If the company has all that figured out, it is easy to design the brand’s identity. When you start to design the brand, the brand is already built and stable, ready to market itself. The importance of brand design is not only about making the brand itself but also in its wholeness and public presentation. 

If you have the right brand design, the identity of the brand will be represented clearly.

Graphic design

Brand design (or graphic design for a brand) can include designing the product and its package, making the appearance and the image of the company on social media and online in general, design of the working environment, including the dress code, business cards and other graphical characteristics of the company, and probably the most prominent – design of the company’s logo.


Visual identity of the brand – its face towards the world


Visual identity is the face of the brand. It consists of all visual representations of the brand on the market, starting with typography (shape and font of the letters), color pallet (color has a strong psychological effect on the buyer) and shapes that are used (not all shapes have the same impact on the buyer!). These three elements can be a part of the company’s logo, together or separately, but they must be the main component of the whole visual material that the brand uses to represent itself. High-quality visual identity is equable and uses those elements knowingly. 

Starbucks and their visual identity
Starbucks and their visual identity

In this hurriedly day and age when we see thousands of pictures each day, we only remember those that are the most striking and most quality. In order to be noticed in all these visual stimuli, a brand must have an excellent brand design.

The prices for creating good quality and professional visual identity can vary from 35e to 800e, and some even charge per hour (10e to 20e, depending on what is being designed). Making the visual identity can include creating the logo itself, but it can also include creating a web page (that does not include hosting and writing its content), packing of the product, business cards, creating a unique visual appearance of an email and the signature within it or some other combination of these elements.


You can even say that designing a visual identity of a brand makes a foundation of the brand design, or it’s a big part, at least. 


Brand designing should be understood as an investment in a brand because ultimately, that is the thing that sets you apart from the competition, creates a certain expectation among clients and obtains their trust, and enables the development of the company and growth of a brand.


Do not wait! Hurry up and find yourself an adequate design for your brand. 

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