Cabin in the forest by Tomek Michalski

Tomek Michalski, young Polish designer presents his draft of a cabin in the forest, a haven of peace, confined space, quiet, to log out of the virtual world and reconnect with yourself and nature.

It is an isolation capsule in the middle of a forest, but overly closed so you don’t integrate with the outside, read, rest and nothing more!

“My  first architectural concept, the cabin in the forest. The vision of the place is to clear one’s head at the targeted individuals who need rest, seclusion from other people, the world and daily life.

A cold, misty forest in the context of a warm space of seclusion is supposed to help shape the character, as well as invoke emotions and willingness to ponder. Both the building and the interiors Itself Will Be designed to affect the flora and fauna as little as possible. ” cabin in the forest by tomek michalski full view of the house Cabin-in-the-forest-Tomek-Michalski-architecture-design-blog-espritdesign-2 a cabin in the forest a deer next o it window on the roof of the cabin in the forest by tomek michalski Cabin-in-the-forest-Tomek-Michalski-architecture-design-blog-espritdesign-5  kitchen in the cabin in the forest by tomek michalski Cabin-in-the-forest-Tomek-Michalski-architecture-design-blog-espritdesign-7 architectual representation of the cabin in the forest tomek michalski

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