Creative cabin created by architects from cc-studio

North of the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands is where you have to go to discover this charming and creative cabin produced by CC-studio. This shelter is for storing gardening tools and provides refuge to the volunteers who help maintain the park and keep it in good condition.

Perfectly integrated into lush vegetation, the volume has been designed so that the lower part and the roof, overlooking the road, do not reveal their presence until the last moment. In the opposite direction, two very large sliding doors open the entire corner of the building in such a way that its interior becomes a part of the open space.

This 35 m2 creative cabin originally built in 1966, required no permit to be renewed and replaced with a new feature of the same size and structure. The layout consists of a small storage, a water point with sink and a larger area that includes the wood stove and a corner with chairs and table. The structure is covered with a green aluminum casing and includes a protective canopy that blends into its natural environment.crative cabin by cc-studio in a nature park crative cabin by cc-studio entrance cc-studio-4 a green creative cabin camuflaged in nature cc-studio-5 creative cabin interior cc-studio-7 creative cabin by cc-studio dining table and front entrance

 To learn more about cc-studio, click here. Photos: ©  John Lewis Marshall


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