The curved wooden bookshelf by Aurelien Veyrat

Aurélien Veyrat is the creator of this wooden bookshelf. He is a young French designer and cabinetmaker gone through the school of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne and Paris ENSAD. Founder of the studio Subject Optimized presents Shelf L, which is simple, adaptable and sustainable. Shelf L is a single module bentwood stacking to form your own wooden bookshelf. Forming a lower cabinet or broad library is a possibility while playing on the print inclination and stability.

“L  is a single module, a curved piece of wood. The logical product of the encounter with a carpentry workshop specializing in bending wood. Its genesis is upstream of industrial production: instead of generating a new complex form to be implemented through the creation of a new mold. L is the declension of a simple but optimized bending, and depart with the sophistication form used in the manufacture of an armrest or a base.”L wooden bookshelf with books and other items on it wooden bookshelf on 6 levels with items on it wooden bookshelf in a different shape Étagère-L-bois-cintré-design-wood-shelve-Aurélien-Veyrat-blog-espritdesign-2 a variation of the wooden bookshelf Étagère-L-bois-cintré-design-wood-shelve-Aurélien-Veyrat-blog-espritdesign-5 representation of how the shelfs are joined tougether Étagère-L-bois-cintré-design-wood-shelve-Aurélien-Veyrat-blog-espritdesign-8 multiple L shelfs stacked on top of each other


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