Dressing room under the bed for small apartments

If you do not have enough space for clothes in your dressing room, then this bed is just for you.

The bed was invented by Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle and caters to those who do not have enough storage space or small living space, or both.


The product received an apt name – the container bed. The design is a full bed elevated above the floor and is slightly higher than usual. It can be raised in order to gain access to the storage system under it.

The mechanism is a bit like climbing in the Murphy bed, but the bed Murphy focused just on that to release the living space occupied by the bed unfolded.


The Italians have solved this problem by limiting the height of the wardrobe and making the bed raised.

The storage system bed and the wardrobe are completely customizable to the needs of the owner in possession of certain things, and so is the height of the mini closet so that you can hang clothes on hangers.garderob-pod-krovatyu-polnostyu-nastraivaemyy-i-pozvolyaet-dazhe-veshat-odezhdu-na-plechikah_1046211907

The bed container has a modular structure and can be extended with additional modules, such as a small stairway or additional storage modules, although at considerable height a bed ladder is hardly an option.popast-v-garderob-pod-krovatyu-mozhno-podnyav-spalnoe-mesto-krovati_168764971

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