DuBike cycling independently connected by giant Baidu

Newcomer smart technologies, SmartBike found a representative selection through cycling DuBike developed by Baidu, Internet giant in direct competition with Google in China, and the design department of Tsinghua University. The company has just announced the release year-end of its next product, DuBike, an electric bike that works through the electrical regeneration technology, ie without motor.  The bike generates its own energy , through a platform that converts the kinetic energy of pedaling power, and thus operates independently. The energy produced feeds the bike, allowing an electric pedaling assistance, but can also be used to recharge a smartphone for example. Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-9 (1) In addition, and as many connected devices, the Dubike offers many services for data analysis. First on our physical activity and sport for example. We note in particular, control of heart rate and calculating the pedaling cadence. Then the possibility of developing mapped routes, and to know the position of the bike in real time. The application will, among other things define cycle routes based on user habits, but also adapted sports programs. The sum of these data is then synchronized, searchable via a smartphone app or dedicated tablet.

Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-1 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-2 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-8 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-7 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-9 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-6 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-5 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-4 Dubike-vélo-connecté-autonome-Baidu-innovation-design-bicycle-blog-espritdesign-3

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