Beautiful EPV House by AHL agency

This EPV house made by the agency AHL architecture. Located in Hanoi, usually favor rehabilitation projects and tube processing houses that shape the urban heritage of the capital of Vietnam.

The architects propose here an interior design project of restoring air and light to the project. These houses are located in the heart of Vietnamese cites. Their settlements are due to the calculation of property tax that takes into account the width of the street front.

The rehabilitation offered by the AHL agency combines a desire to free spaces and volumes than the use of materials used in traditional architecture in Vietnam.

The wood and bamboo are the most used materials in this restoration project. A patchwork of old wooden shutters including covers some walls and ceilings of the project. These materials offer a rustic yet delicate finish the project. The EPV house shows how a green house can be also beautiful.Bed room of the epv house 3849-architecture-muuuz-magazine-blog-interieur-maison-epv-house-ahl-vietnam-rehabilitation-tube-02 living room with two chairs, couch and table 3849-architecture-muuuz-magazine-blog-interieur-maison-epv-house-ahl-vietnam-rehabilitation-tube-04 dining table as seen from the kitchen 3849-architecture-muuuz-magazine-blog-interieur-maison-epv-house-ahl-vietnam-rehabilitation-tube-06 bedroom of the epv house

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