Flyte by Morris Simon

Here’s a concept that could make noise. The designer Simon Morris has developed a levitating lamp named Flyte. Indeed, one can notice that a light bulb without flat screw rotates above a rectangular wooden base.

No magic, levitation is magnetic and the bulb is powered wirelessly by induction. There is no need for a battery, the light bulb is a low power-consumption LED. You engage FLYTE by simply touching the surface of the base, levitate, light can be switched on and off, with a touch sensor. The base is made in Sweden from oak, ash or walnut tree and is completely sustainable. An interesting feature is that the base also acts as a wireless charging station for your smartphone.

This project was in development for 5 years, and just made its appearance on Kickstarter , Simon Morris requires $ 80,000 to finalize Flyte, if you want to give it a little push, click here .flyte-1-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-2-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-3-tt-width-620-height-429-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-4-tt-width-620-height-357-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-5-tt-width-620-height-412-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-6-tt-width-620-height-413-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-7-tt-width-620-height-426-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-8-tt-width-620-height-437-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 flyte-9-tt-width-400-height-225-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1


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