Hand-Blown Animal Creations Made of Glass Come To Life

Artist Scott Bisson was impressed with blown glass. His passion is clearly shown through his own creations made of blown glass. Most of his creations are aquatic creatures and amphibians. Their natural shape perfectly matches the quality of blown glass.

Bisson fell in love with a glass thing in high school, in the honor of chemistry. He bent a glass tube over a Bunsen burner and realized how much he could do with heat and glass. From that moment on he was hooked. Since his school days, until today, Bisson continued to work with glass. He perfected his art by working with a large number professional glassblowers. His mentor had seen his talent grow, looking for better creations. Scott works with blown and flameworked glass, which are two very different mediums that require unique skill sets. His flameworked pieces are incredibly lifelike and include frogs, geckos and more. Bisson uses a torch to create their larger pieces, such as paperweights and pitchers.

No matter what Bisson, he believes that the only way to achieve his best work is the use of energy and excitement. He said, “skill is a large part of the raw material, and the drive and energy that it takes shape.” If you buy one of these life-like hand-blown glass creation Bisson recommends handling them by their heads. No matter how realistic look, “They do not bother and do not bite.”

blownglasslizard blownglasslizards blown glass3 blown glass4 blown glass5 blown glass6 blown glass7 blown glass8 blown glass9H/T: http://www.earthporm.com


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