Iskn presents its digital intelligent "Slate"

We discovered a few days ago a product by iskn that will revolutionize the physical world just like the digital world and create interesting and fun interactions between these two worlds.

Start up the Grenoble iskn was founded in 2014 by a multidisciplinary team. It aims to create products that facilitate and enrich the bonds between us and the digital. After five years of R & D, the company released Slate. Slate enriches digitized paper creations.

Slate is a digital slate that gives life to our drawings, sketches and made marks on paper. Thus, all creative and paper lovers can continue to have fun without changing their habits, they’ll just enjoy the engineering and digital magic!

slate by iskn studio

How is this possible?

Simply place a sheet of paper or a sketchbook on the Slate and draw with crayons provided with the traditional magnetic ring iskn. Creation is scanned instantly on the iPad, unconstrained thread, thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Iskn has developed “the Ring”, a removable magnetic ring positioned on a pencil and a full range of other pencils. Unique in the world, this technology combines the use of natural art pencils on paper with digital possibilities without limits!iskn slate ring for drawing iskn slate ring on a pen

After a first edition (color) iskn launches today, Friday, November 27, a new sober and elegant edition, the Black Edition. It reminds us a little of our childhood slate but its clean lines and deep black make this as a practical and aesthetic object.slate-7-tt-width-620-height-475-crop-1-bgcolor-000000-except_gif-1 To accompany the Slate and offer a full experience iskn developed the application Imagink. It offers the unique brushes made reproducing as faithfully as possible the expressiveness of the drawing, approaching the sense of material and keeping the emotion of the handwriting stroke. Pencils, markers, pens but also brushes, airbrushes or beveled markers, are all tools qu’Imagink is capable of reproducing digital track! Available on iPad and iPhone, will soon Imagink compatible PC, Mac, and Android.slate on pictures on phones

Specifications: Weight: 390 g, height: 246 mm, width 185 mm and thickness: 9mm. Available in 4 colors: green, pink, blue and orange or Black Edition. Price: Pack Color Edition (Slate, 3 rings, 2 iskn pens and a protective cover): € 199. Slate Black Edition (Slate and iskn 1 pen): € 159. In writing, we are truly delighted with this new product and you, what do you say? Christmas approaching, the Slate can be a very good gift idea! slate-2 iskn slate drawing process slate-4 people discussing pictures drawn in iskn slate

To learn more about iskn and Slate, click here and to order, click here.


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