17 Incredible photos of the night sky by Jaxson Pohlman

These captured pictures from the night sky are the work of Jaxson Pohlman a talented self-taught photographer. An artist from Wichita, Kansas who currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

Spending most of his life in the Great Plains of Kansas, Jaxson has always felt the need for a creative eye in photography.

Specializing in astrophotography, Pohlman’s photo’s of the night sky are sure to inspire imagination but also provoke emotion.

night sky from the desert by jaxson pohlman milky way seen from inside a kanyon by jaxson pohlman space shuttle launching into space by jaxson pohlman night sky with a aurora nights sky from the forest nights sky from a misty meadow 2 foggy lake bank photo by jaxson pohlman stars seen from a mountain top scenery from a river bank
via: Jaxson PohlmanInstagramFacebook (h/t: photogrist)

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