Concrete sharpener for pencil by Tomas Vacek

Tomas Vacek, a designer from the Czech Republic presents his project called Sharpener, a real concrete sharpener imagined for the brand Gravelli. “Concrete is, in many ways, an extraordinary material with a strong character. I have exactly the notion about the Sami people, Who are not afraid of accepting it.  “A…

8 Animated portraits by Romain Laurent

French photographer Romain Laurent,  is behind new animated portraits making subtly moving one or two elements of the pictures. Every animated photograph offers a poetic moment to the viewer who will see a human shadow moving, dancer foot working or an umbrella turning in a hand.

This 5 photos show us 100 years of colors

In her inspirational book titled 100 Years of Colors, Author Katie Greenwood presents the various color palettes popular throughout the 20th century, giving an authentic overview of the last century trends. The book features 100 illustrations and range of colors that appeared commonly in fashion and design years after years. 

DuBike cycling independently connected by giant Baidu

Newcomer smart technologies, SmartBike found a representative selection through cycling DuBike developed by Baidu, Internet giant in direct competition with Google in China, and the design department of Tsinghua University. The company has just announced the release year-end of its next product, DuBike, an electric bike that works through the electrical…

Meze 99 classics removable headphones by Antoni Meze

Antonio Meze, designer from Romania presents Meze 99 Classics, its new high-end audio and completely removable headphones. Following a study demonstrating an approximately 2-year lifespan for traditional headphones plastic based, designer advance a lifespan of over 10 years for his model, with the possibility of change and rapid repair of…

10 Creative artistic animal tattoos

Tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita creates stunning artistic and geometrical tattoos representing animals. Made from thin lines and geometric shapes judiciously drawn in order to paint animals silhouettes. Beautiful little artworks that ornament the skin of tattoos fans.