Savioz house in giète-délé, Switzerland by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

With winter approaching I wanted to present the Savioz house. This is a renovation by the architectural studio Architects Fabrizzi Savioz Switzerland (see other achievements).

This Mayen (Small house located in the Valais pastures) built in 1882 was used as housing during the grazing period. In addition, in the 1980’s a stage and the redesign of the roof have greatly changed its looks.

The Savioz house has become a holiday home. The intervention of architects reveals the history of this building, revealing the different materials used in the facade. The original stones, bricks added in the 80’s and the recent changes in concrete are exposed.

The gray shades of interior materials strengthen the frames and contrast with the colors of the landscape. A wood stove in addition to solar panels provide heating.

savioz-fabrizzi-01 savioz-fabrizzi-02 savioz-fabrizzi-03 savioz-fabrizzi-04 savioz-fabrizzi-05 savioz-fabrizzi-06 savioz-fabrizzi-07 savioz-fabrizzi-08 savioz-fabrizzi-09

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