Incredible sculptures of animals and plants blend in one

Incredible sculptures of animals and plants blend in one

Artist Ellen Jewett makes sculptures by bringing together the plants and animals in one.

Her works are deeply informed by a comprehensive insight into anthropology, medical illustration, exotic animal care, and even stop-motion animation, all of which emphasize the biological structure of each piece, while freeing her imagination to pursue more abstract ideas.

Over time, Jevetta became more focused on reducing material and drawing negative space. “I think my sculptures evolve to be reinforced by the presence of emotional using the less physical substance,” she shared.

In addition, it avoids any potentially toxic carriers such as paint, varnish, and finish, opting to use more natural, locally-sourced materials. “This inevitably excludes most of what is commonly commercially available and sent me on a journey of unique material combinations and invention.”

Using this more unusual material while leaving traces of fingerprints and other small imperfections Jevetta hopes her work leaves a more authentic impression.

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