Amazing Tree-Inspired Single Pole Home

Danish architecture firm Konrad Wójcik is the author of an architectural project “pole home”, called Primeval Symbiosis, which re-thinks the sustainable and eco-friendly houses, outside the city, in the heart of the forest.

Inspired by the tree-house concept, these suspended homes, thought to host two people, are topped by solar panels which generate energy and a heat pump located in the ground. The goal was to make a structure that has no negative impact on the environment.

single pole home by konrad wojcik in a forest Konrad-Wojcik_Architecture_1-900x1346 3 homes designed by konrad wojcik in a misty forest Konrad-Wojcik_Architecture_4-900x600 3 houses designed by konrad wojcik in a forest viewed from a distance Konrad-Wojcik_Architecture_6-900x600


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