Dressing room under the bed for small apartments

If you do not have enough space for clothes in your dressing room, then this bed is just for you. The bed was invented by Italian furniture manufacturer Dielle and caters to those who do not have enough storage space or small living space, or…

10 Creative artistic tattoos representing animals

Tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita creates stunning artistic and geometrical tattoos representing animals. Made from thin lines and geometric shapes judiciously drawn in order to paint animals silhouettes. Beautiful little artworks that ornament the skin of tattoo fans.

Cabin in the forest by Tomek Michalski

Tomek Michalski, young Polish designer presents his draft of a cabin in the forest, a haven of peace, confined space, quiet, to log out of the virtual world and reconnect with yourself and nature. It is an isolation capsule in the middle of a forest, but overly…

Cool energy free luminous light bulb

Baptized “Luminous Bulb” favorite for this excellent idea incandescent bulbs casts made using silicone mixed with phosphorescent pigments. More details in images in the gallery: Credits photos & copyright Hobby:Design

The amazing transparent S-House

Created by the studio  Yuusuke Karasawa Architects in Saitama region of Japan, special mention for the amazing “S-House”, an amazing residence with transparency where different floors are connected by multiple stairs that cross for an incredible visual rendering .

15 Photos of very cool chess bench

Designed by Atelier Astúa, favorite for the excellent Congo Squares, a playful piece of furniture that meets a cool chess bench, a chessboard and the pieces of a chess game without necessitated external storage drawer or a simple mechanism located under the bench showing parts…