Cosmos magnetic wooden toys

Huzi Design imagined magnetic wooden toys that take shape of real of fictitious spacecrafts. The magnetic characteristic enables a limitless imagination of inventing new objects. A collection that will make children and adults happy. The project is currently collecting funds on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Playful Tea Infusers

To get ready for winter, Israeli design studios OTOTO & Soho Designcollaborated to design two very nice tea infusers shaped like a yellow submarine (Tea-Sub) and a blue umbrella (Umbrella Tea Infuser). The tea leaves must be put inside the umbrella’s fabric and inside the…

17 Creative Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is part of winter holidays for many people in the world. You can buy a natural Christmas tree, or  you can buy a fake one, which will last for several years. In any case, buying a tree is far from cheap. Each…

Astonishing mirror drawings made by Istvan Orosz

Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz draws and creates drawings that at first glance do not make sense, and act as if something is missing or has not been finalized. However, when you place a cylindrical mirror at the appropriate place you can see amazing mirror drawings….

25 Creative Logo Design Reference for April

If you want to find something about the creative inspiration for logo design, material or ideas, look at today’s share: 25 Creative Logo Design Reference for April, which I hope you like and need, or can give you inspiration.

House of Trace by Tsuruta Architects

This project in London requested for Tsuruta Architects to demolish the original extension and replace it to better connect the extension the to the main building. The intention of the architects was to keep a sense of memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to…