Projector concept turning flat surface into digital workspace

An industrial design student from Seattle, Jolee Nebert, crated a portable projector concept. Turning any flat surface into a digital interactive workspace. Its smart and on the other hand, easy. This cylindrical device named “Peek” displays your regular tools and software on the table and…

Amazing weightlessness wooden table

Superb creation of the young Russian designer Eugene Tomsky, favorite for “Weightlessness”, a beautiful wooden table console and offering a glass polymer made ​​of light to be a visually more interesting. More details in images in the gallery: 

megalith table - coffee table - coffee glass table

Coffee Table Supported by Falling Dominos

Designer Christopher Duffy produced a very creative piece of furniture. This creation is called the Megalith Table. It consists of glass that stands on the dominoes that look like they will collapse any second. Although these dominoes, representing table legs, will never crash, there is an…