They Make Amazing Sculptures of Snow

snow sculpture

Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz are three brothers living in Nev Brighton, Minnesota, a city in the US where there is snow in abundance. The creative trio used the snow in their favor. They make amazing sculptures of snow. This year, the boys built a 12-meter sea turtle with all the details that go beyond what anyone could expect of three brothers who should be just enjoying their winter break from school. The boys started to make their own version of a huge snowman four years ago, and every year make something different and bigger. It takes a lot of time and commitment because creating a sculpture may take up to several weeks to build. Every year, the boys begin their masterpieces by pushing an enormous amount of snow in the pile. This process takes a good amount of time and effort. When the pile is big enough guys can finally go to work, using massive dike to implement its desired final product.

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