This artist knits objects made out of glass

sculptures made of wax

Glass has a melting point of about 1500 ° F (815 ° C), which makes it possible control it and knit it in the form of chain links and nodes, which are located around the needle.

The answer lies in the technique invented by Milne in 2006, which includes aspects of knitting lost wax casting, mold making, kiln-casting.

The model sculpture is made of wax which is then sculpted in a refractory mold material, which can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Hot steam is used to melt the wax, leaving an empty cavity in the form of art. Pieces of room temperature glass are then placed inside a mold which is then heated to 1.400 to 1.600 degrees Celsius depending on the type of glass.

After that, the glass is cooled slowly over a period of several weeks, and then after a careful excavation process, where Milne delicately removes the outer casing to discover the final piece.

All of these sculptures are made by Carol Milne. 6 5 4 3 2 1]]>

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