Wood studio house by Dom Arquitectura

The Spanish architecture studio Dom Arquitectura has signed an achievement in environmental Sant Cugat del Vallès. The orientation and position of the house / workshop were studied in order to take maximum advantage of available resources of the site and weather conditions, to reduce its impact on the environment, energy consumption and improve indoor comfort. The house has a rectangular plan. His long side faces south like its larger apertures to capture the radiation during the winter months while being protected from the sun during the summer. The other 3 elevations are rather opaque, with some openings on the north side, which will create a natural cross ventilation in the summer. The compact rectangular volume is punctured only by the terrace and veranda, allowing these two areas to be covered and protected by the eaves. The openings, the largest on the south facade, promote thermal control of the interior spaces. Especially during the summer months, the natural cross ventilation is beneficial for the cooling of the main areas.dom-arquitectura




dom-arquitectura-6 dom-arquitectura-7


dom-arquitectura-9 dom-arquitectura-10



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